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Barcode manager - CDAT

CDAT is an add-on application to WinPCS and which fully integrates with WinPCS databases. This presentation will explain the functionality and the method behind CDAT (Complan Document handling.)


1.   Check-sheets are printed out of WinPCS (through status reports) This is the Word (template) document that is automatically filled in by WinPCS based on the equipment it sits on.

The sheets maybe printed by the completion group, sub-contractor or the technician.

2.   The Check-sheet is taken to the field technician who will perform all check items and complete it.


3.   The technician and his supervisor / client will sign and verify that this has been completed. The original is then sent back to the Completion Group.


4.   Completion Group will drop the sheet (with many other sheets) into the scanner and start the CDAT program. CDAT will process each barcode found on each page / sheet – automatically compile sheets with more than one page into one file.

At that time it will verify that all pages have been found – then make a look-up into WinPCS database ensuring that the data exists (Tag and check-sheet combined)


5.   Once each completed check-sheet has been verified – it will start automatic conversion into an Adobe PDF format – Then it will send (transfer) a copy of this file to the main Server. The main Server will identify the sub-system (or System) which this document belongs to and place the copy in a sub-folder on the Server (WinPCS directory folders) with the same name as the sub-system.


6.   It will then status the check-sheet in WinPCS as Completed. 

Step 4 to 6 are fully automated and will require no action from the user, thus Status, Storage and Conversion (to electronic copy) of a check-sheet will take minutes. Processing is only limited by the speed of the scanner. Since no entry or typing by the user is necessary then this will ensure that no mistakes are made.